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The Music Hub

Welcome to the Music Hub! Here you can find a curated selection of playlists and song choices for the various moments of your Wedding day. These playlists are crafted to inspire and accompany you through each special moment of your celebration and are meant to represent a variety of ideas to assist you in crafting the perfect soundtrack for each moment of your day:


Whether you are walking down the aisle or simply creating the perfect ambiance for your guests during your Cocktail reception or Wedding Breakfast we've got you covered with a range of musical options to suit most tastes and style. Explore our playlists and song suggestions to help set the tone for your unforgettable day.


Feel free to mix and match these songs or incorporate your own favourites to create a personalised soundtrack that reflects your unique love story and style.


If you haven't discovered the perfect soundtrack yet, don't worry you can create your own playlist for each special moment of your Wedding day. Once you've compiled your selections simply share the playlist link with us and we'll handle the rest to ensure your day is filled with the music that resonates the magic of your day.

Lets create memories through the power of music.

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