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Meet Charlie

Kaleidosonix Sound & Lighting Algarve Portugal

I'm your primary contact from the moment you reach out with your initial enquiry handling everything from bookings to logistical arrangements.
Additionally, I handle the the build-up and operation of sound and lighting equipment for your Wedding or Event. This Includes the music and wireless microphones for your Ceremony, speeches and background music during your reception meal including coordinating music for different event areas until your evening reception or event begins, at which point our professional DJ takes over to complete your day.
I remain on-site throughout your event as dedicated support overseeing the operation of our service elements, addressing any issues or last minute changes that may arise, ensuring a smooth transition from the initial setup to the start of your entertainment, whether it be our professional DJ or to sound engineer your destination band.


Meet Demi

Wedding DJ Hire Portugal Algarve

Demi, a talented DJ hailing from the UK, has made her home in the vibrant Algarve. Her passion for music ignited through her involvement in music events, radio, and festivals. Over the years, she has meticulously refined her skills, creating dynamic DJ sets that effortlessly fuse diverse musical genres and influences.
Demi is also a prominent figure in Lisbon's eclectic nightlife, where her electrifying sets has eared her a loyal fan base. Her unwavering passion for music is evident in every performance, cementing her role as a key contributor to the city's vibrant music scene

Genres: Current commercial Chart & Dance, R 'n' B, Garage, Hip Hop, Afro Beats, 90s Bangers.

DJ & Event


Meet Dan

Algarve Wedding DJ Hire Portugal

Originall from Cape Town and now living in the heart of the Algarve, Dan is renowned for his easygoing, friendly, and professional manner.
What distinguishes him is his diverse musical taste. With a wealth of experience spanning bar and club residencies, corporate events, weddings, and birthday parties, Dan stands out with his music open-minded approach to different genres. From the timeless classics of the 60s, 70s, and 80s to the nostalgic hits of the 90s and 2000s, as well as jazzy tunes, Afro-beats, groovy dance tracks, and today's top hits,  Dan effortlessly transitions between styles to keep the party energised.

DJ Producer & Sound Technician

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